Episode 0125- RVR- School of Juicing with Jay and Linda Kordich

Episode 0125- RVR- School of Juicing with Jay and Linda Kordich

On today’s show, we feature an exclusive interview with The Father of Juicing Jay Kordich and his wife Linda.

You’ll find out:

**  The top 10 questions everyone wants to know about the power and science of juicing

**  How long you should do a juice fast for optimal and beneficial results

**  Should you juice fruit or just greens?

**  How the School of Juicing can help you on your raw food journey

Jay Kordich was born in 1923 just outside San Diego, California. He grew up in the shadow of his hard working father who was a fisherman and captain of his own fishing boat. Jay learned early on the value of a hard day’s work. He also grew and developed the muscles that would serve him well as a football player at the University of Southern California.

In 1948 at the age of 25, Jay was diagnosed with a serious illness and was told he may not have long to live. After reviewing all the treatments available, he left California and traveled to New York City to see Dr. Max Gerson who was treating terminally ill patients with fresh raw juices and healthy cleansing diets. Jay became his patient and immediately began a regimen of large doses of raw carrot/apple juice. It wasn’t long before Jay’s health was restored and the direction of his life was changed forever.

From a star athlete to surviving a life-threatening illness, all by the age of 26, Jay soon decided he wanted to spread the word of fresh juices and eating a healthy diet. For the next 40 years Jay took his message to anyone who would listen, from county fairs to large department stores to seaside juicing shops. It was his passion to teach everyone he could reach how to be healthy through the power of fresh juices.

In 1990 Jay appeared on his first, national infomercial and Americans embraced him. They were excited to hear his message of long life, health and vitality. He became a New York Times best selling author, speaker and lecturer and created audio and video programs to spread his message of good health through live foods.

Through the years Jay has been featured on:

  • More than 500 television shows
  • Over 1000 radio talk shows
  • USA TODAY (cover article)
  • WALL STREET JOURNAL (cover article)

Linda Kordich grew up in vegetarian family dating back to 1965. Becoming a vegetarian at the age of 12 stood her apart from most people in those times. In her late teens, she fell into a life threatening disease known now as anorexia/bulimia, but learned through studying and observing the natural healing qualities of fresh vegetable juices and living foods, she became well after 9 years of suffering.

Recovered now for 30 years, Linda attests living foods and virtuous living a major part of her complete healing.

In 1973 she became an undergraduate student in primary education, specializing in understanding children’s psychological and emotional challenges. By the time she was 25 she married Jay and started teaching weekly vegetarian food classes for many years with Jay, along with fresh vegetable juicing classes beginning in 1981. In 1992, she helped Jay co-write “The Juiceman’s Power of Juicing”, and it became a New York Times best seller with over 2 million books sold to date.

Drawing on over 30 years experience with natural foods, in 2006 Linda helped write and produce, their highly successful multi media program entitled “Live Foods, Live Bodies“. She now accompanies Jay around the world, to help teach, inspire and motivate people to eat more living foods and drink fresh organic juices. Linda is now a vibrant and healthy 56. She lives happily with her husband Jay, of 31 years, and their children, John and Jayson.

Linda lectures along with Jay and has appeared on many national television and radio shows with Jay throughout their marriage such as: The Howie Mandel Show, The Balancing Act, Mancow Radio Show, among hundreds of other local tv and radio programs.

In 2012, Linda and Jay have created their SCHOOL OF JUICING online program to help educate others to understand that learning to juice successfully and to eat a predominately living foods diet takes effort, education and focus. Their School of Juicing Program has been embraced by thousands of people from around the world.

Linda’s Mission Statement:

“To share all that I have learned in the past three decades….. to help uplift, inspire, guide and motivate….to those who are in the dark. Whether it’s to guide or to inspire others towards living foods, juicing, hope or faith, this is my passion!”

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